New Client Info

Forms are available on site, but you can also print and complete the first time paperwork before coming in.


Fees & Payments

1st visit: $30

Follow-ups: $20

Credit cards are not accepted. Please bring exact change or a check made out to Cristina Gillis. Thanks in advance!

Insurance is not billed, but if you would like a receipt, please let me know, and I will email one within a week.

Invisible Receptionist

This is perhaps the most unusual receptionist you’ll find, but it allows me to focus on treating people rather than working the office.

In the entrance, there will be a paper calendar where you can sign up for future appointments, You can also call or email if you prefer. Also, there will be  a slot box in which to place your payment. It’s pretty straightforward, but I’m happy to help anytime as well.

How to Prepare for a Treatment

Please eat within two hours of coming in for treatment. Some people have felt faint on a completely empty stomach. Also, please avoid caffeine within an hour or two of treatment so that I can get a real reading of your pulse. Be sure to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing so that I can have access to your legs from the knees below and your arms from your elbows and below. In the community setting, there is no undressing. Finally, please do not wear strong perfume or scents. Some people have allergies.

*acupuncture in Fernandina Beach, Yulee and Amelia Island

Community Acupuncture in Fernandina Beach, FLorida

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