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“I suffer from depression. Christina’s treatments have returned me to normal. I see her at intervals when I feel the symptoms coming on. Her acupuncture has improved my life and my family’s lives as well.” – Jerry, June 2016

“I suffer from several chronic illnesses, including chronic pain. I take way too much medication for my chronic illnesses already, so when I was injured in a car accident, I refused pain medications not wanting to add any further side effects, when I started seeing Cristina, I experienced an immediate lessening in pain. In fact, my lower back pain is completely gone! I would recommend Amelia Acupuncture to everyone!” – Nancy, May 2015

“Christina has a gentle and healing way. She listened carefully to the description of my neck problem, asked me questions and explained the acupuncture process fully to me. In my case, within 4 or 5 Sat. sessions I was pain free. I would not hesitate to go back to Christina and will continue to recommended people to Amelia Acupuncture.” – LVH, February 2015

“My mother was suffering from shingles, she couldn’t open her eyes, she couldn’t sleep, the pain was so unbearable that she was prescribed methadone by a MD. I took her to Cristina to see if she could assist in alleviating any of her pain, we were at the end of our rope. After the first session, my mother was able to sleep for the first time through the night since being diagnosed with shingles. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for Cristina and her healing ability. By the way, my mother NEVER took the prescribed medication. Since our visit with Cristina, we have used her services to help my nephew to stop smoking! I would recommend Cristina to anyone seeking a better sense of wellbeing.” – CK, July 2013

“I went to see Cristina at Amelia Acupuncture because I have been suffering from Coccyx pain for many years now. I had never had an acupuncture treatment before and was uncertain of what to expect. When I first stepped into the waiting room I was met with a smile, and a sense of ease washed over me. Cristina is both warm in heart and in practice. She listened to me carefully and I felt completely certain that I was in good hands. The treatment was wonderful, I walked out with less pain, and though I know it will take time to heal completely, I’m very happy in knowing that by visiting Cristina I was in the best of care. I think everyone will benefit from her treatments.” – Erisa, January 2013

“My sessions with Cristina help re-balance my body and my spirit each week as I heal from a serious colitis infection. Her work is gentle, professional, and based on both knowledge and experience. I look forward to her treatments knowing that all my body systems, as well as my emotional state and energy level, are going to benefit from her work.” -D, October 2012

“I always experience a good sense of well-being after the treatment. I am also grateful for the relief from sciatic pain. My energy level and mental clarity improve noticeably with acupuncture treatments. I really like and appreciate Cristina’s gentle and caring ways.” -SL, October 2012

“The treatments which I received definitely helped me.  The soothing treatments gave me a positive result each time, whether for back pain or vertigo.” -BDH, October 2012

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