Community Acupuncture

What is community acupuncture?

Community acupuncture is treatment done in a group setting. Most commonly four to six people are treated in the same space. This differs from what most acupuncturists offer which is treatment in an individual room. Because of the group format, there are differences in the treatment style. In community acupuncture, points along the legs and arms are chosen in order to help the participants from feeling overly exposed.  Also, the environment is fairly quiet with talking limited to whispers in the general treatment space. The needles do the majority of the talking, and that’s what acupuncturists are really trained for and good at anyway.

Why choose community acupuncture?

It may seem that because of the lack of privacy that community acupuncture does not sound very tempting, but there is a wonderful group therapy dynamic that boosts the healing for everyone in the room. By entering into a healing space knowing that others are going through the same experience, it can be empowering and energizing. And the obvious reason to seek treatment in this setting is the lower cost which is $20 per treatment.  This allows acupuncture to be available to everyone from any economic background. And that is a beautiful thing.

Is community acupuncture for everyone?

In general, it is good for most people, but it is mostly a matter of preference. Some people like the full attention of the practitioner for the full hour. Treatment styles are different, so if you like the kinds of treatments you’ve been having in private sessions, you may prefer to stick with those. What is common is that some people feel hesitant at first about being in a group setting but then grow to really enjoy the experience and are inspired to focus on their own healing.

What is the experience like?

On the first visit, a client will talk to the acupuncturist about his or her health concerns in private, and a treatment plan will be created. After this first visit, the treatment plan will continue.  After the needles are inserted, she/he sits and relaxes with others. It’s very peaceful.